agIdeas 2013 – a conference in tweets.

agIdeas 2013 – a conference in tweets.

Over three jam-packed days, 40 of the world’s leading designers and creators gave us their insights into how to become a great designer. There were three commonalities that revealed themselves during the conference: design is empty without context; hone your craft skills and empathise with your end user.

Let’s Start With Day One.

    1. #agideas2013 now that’s 500 years of design experience standing on stage right there @agIdeas
    2. Neville Page (@nevillepage) talks creature design, working fast and drawing. It’s easier to sell a design to the client when you can show its emotion at play.
    3. The ultimate in design context – Nadine Chahine (@arabictype) talks about the redesign of Lebanon’s An-Nahar newspaper and the font they commissioned her to create.
    4. #agideas2013 Claire Kahn from Wet shows us her fountains. One looks like synchronised swimming made from water.
    5. Lighting departments now control back drop video screens. #foreheadslap of course. Great insight @paulcollison #agideas2013 @agIdeas
    6. Paul Collison – “being creative isn’t a licence to be flaky”. Turn up on time wearing the right footwear. #agideas2013
    7. Can I replace my body parts? @OronCatts is out there. Lend me your ears. #agideas2013
    8. #agideas2013 “sometimes the rules are the mistakes” -Heribert Birnbach
    9. At the end of Day One, there’s plenty for the organising team at The Design Foundation to be proud of. The day has run smoothly and there have been plenty of educational insights for experienced and aspiring designers.
    10. Congrats @kristinmccourtie (not on twitter) @kazsorensen @LeniKaponis @sampaverd on massive 1st day of Forum. @agideas rocks! #agideas2013
    11. agIdeas Business Breakfast – early Day Two.

      No rest for those seeking inspiration. agIdeas business breakfast presents design researcher and thinker Dan Formosa followed by the man who helped reinvigorate Teague design, John Barrett.

    12. Don’t design for ten thousand people. Design for ten of them. Much harder but results are much better. @danformosa #agideas #breakfast
    13. Think about the relationship the thing you’re making is forging with the user. That’s where you’ll earn your 5 stars. @danformosa #agideas
    14. “It’s personal relationships” says @danformosa “treat them like you’re dating” #agideas #breakfast it’s all about getting five stars online
    15. @J_Barratt from @teague1926 talking about work for Boeing. They make full-scale model planes! “Designers need to get tangible” #agideas
    16. After getting up early to speak at the breakfast, Barrett was also the last speaker on that day at 6pm. Totally different talk but same level of insight.
    17. 2000 people in the auditorium, end of a long day. No fidgeting to be heard. @j_barrett awesome presenter #agideas2013 #agideas
    18. @j_barratt keep a compact core team, define small number of goals, do prototypes, keep you design team close, always have a plan B #agideas
    19. “Taking risks with people builds loyalty” – @j_barratt from @TEAGUE1926 #agideas #agideas2013
    20. “I’ve spoken at a lot different conferences, but the diversity of #agideas is like nothing in the world.” @j_barratt Teague #agideas2013
    21. @danformosa says establish trust by doing more quick iterations in the drafting process. @j_barratt says “shut up and listen” #agideas
    22. Day Two

      First speaker on Day Two of the conference is poster genius, Alain Le Quernec. It’s obvious that english is his second language but it really doesn’t matter for this expert in visual communication.

    23. Alain Le Quernec knows 2 or 3 things: 1. reflect what is happening around you, #agideas
    24. #agideas Alain Le Quernec me:my client
    25. Alain Le Quernec they are not real posters if they’re not in the streets #agideas
    26. Alain Le Quernec – clever#agideas
    27. Alain Le Quernec – the Kleenex logo – use it throw it away – perfect for a truly famous client – let the client be the famous bit #agideas
    28. @davidnobay “what would have been helpful when I was nineteen?” What you think is great may not be what your client thinks is great #agideas
    29. @davidnobay “the most important thing about the relationship with your client is trust.” #agideas
    30. Diabetic jewellery. Empathy at work. Leah Heiss. #agideas
    31. How do you design? Empathise with the end user – walk a mile in their shoes. Leah Heiss #agideas
    32. Reiko Sudo – half of design is using the right material. #agideas
    33. Design is a service. @janvanschaik and his adventures in Mildura. #agideas
  1. @chris_khalil from News Corp talks UX – rational and emotional come together to make engagement. #agideas
  2. Ian Anderson from Designers’ Republic.
  3. Ian Anderson – create a piece that resonates through time, great. create design that WORKS through time – genius #agideas
  4. Ian Anderson – if you work for money you end up with a tongue as brown as it can be. #agideas
  5. I’ve never seen a really good designer who is really rich – Ian Anderson #agideas2013 #agideas #CheerUpIan
  6. Eve Clone Series / Lin Pey Chwen / Taipei MOCA
  7. Eve Clone is an attractive and dangerous woman – just like the technology around us. Pey Chwen Lin #agideas #agideas2013
  8. @voice_of_design battle the “same same” Shatter the rhythm of routine with relevance. #agideas2013 #agideas
  9. Don’t risk unless you’re prepared to die every so often. Then pick yourself up and start again. @voice_of_design #agideas #agideas2013
  10. Awesome work, @voice_of_design #agideas #agideas2013
  11. Day Three

    We were all designed-out. Or so we thought.
  12. Build a font from a bridge. @Spin_TonyBrook #agideas #agideas2013
  13. “Even when you’re busy, give yourself an hour of play. Because design is PLAY.” @Spin_TonyBrook #agideas #agideas2013
  14. George Poonkhin Khut different approach to interaction. Use your heart to change the display #agideas #agideas2013
  15. Rest & digest. Fight & flight. “too much time with an interface transforms you.” George Poonkhin Khut #agideas #agideas2013 #hypercard
  16. ‘6 breaths per minute is the sweet spot in many different traditions.’ KhutAmazing thinking on computer interfaces. #agideas #agideas2013
  17. Creation thru destruction. But construction informs result. Interesting oxymoron @_DION_LEE_ #agideas #agideas2013
  18. “Fashion is change. Reacting to what worked & didn’t. So there’s always experience in a collection” @_DION_LEE_ #agideas #agideas2013
  19. Seasonless approach to fashion marketing because there is no geographic context on social media@_DION_LEE_ #agideas2013 #agideas
  20. Context makes my brand unique@_DION_LEE_ #agideas2013 #agideas
  21. It’s hard to talk about design without talking about business-the product needs to be relevant to exist
    @_DION_LEE_ #agideas2013 #agideas
  22. The people who do well in design are constantly creating. Fear and self-doubt drive creativitySoren Luckins #agideas2013 #agideas
  23. Who do we design for?Greed, humanity & your family. The dynamic tension of the three. Soren Luckins #agideas2013 #agideas
  24. Curiosity – to create new you need to be soaking up new.
    Soren Luckins #agideas #agideas2013
  25. Smaller cities are conducive to serendipity.@petaheffernan #agideas #agideas2013
  26. The light on the hill.Again, the designer’s message is CONTEXT IS A STRONG SOURCE OF INSPIRATION.@petaheffernan #agideas #agideas2013
  27. The more interest you have, the greater your insight and the better your work will be.@petaheffernan #agideas #agideas2013
  28. Moooo.Daydreaming is fundamental to the design process. It’s not madness.Robert Foster #agideas #agideas2013
  29. @aurora__design fear and a capacity for obtuseness. That mismatched pair are a great couple of mates for the creative. #agideas2013 #agideas
  30. Robert Foster (with a small factory in Queanbeyan) agrees with the mega-design co @TEAGUE1926 – prototype, prototype#agideas #agideas2013
  31. Portraiture is about who we are.A different approach?Christopher Chapman #agideas #agideas2013
  32. Stony Cherng
    A designer who draws inspiration from her own world.
    #agideas2013 #agideas Should be subtitled CONTEXT
  33. Stony Cherng shows us how designers must be magpies and collect from everything and everywhere. #agideas2013 #agideas
  34. “Why not?”The challenge isn’t to find the answers. it is to find the new questions.@AndyStalman #agideas2013 #agideas
  35. It’s the “top of heart” not the “top of mind” anymore.@AndyStalman #agideas2013 #agideas
  36. Bon Jovi kick off from Sonia Payes #agideas2013 #agideas
  37. I don’t just click and walk away. I connect.Sonia Payes #agideas2013 #agideas
  38. Are we building for building’s sake?Sonia Payes #agideas2013 #agideas
  39. First things first.
    We’re not in business to make money. We’re in business to help people.
    @vincefrost #agideas2013 #agideas
  40. Too often design and advertising work for charity for their folio. Instead they should help. @OzHarvest
    @vincefrost #agideas2013 #agideas
  41. All the speakers are like living versions of their work.@kitweb #agideas #agideas2013
  42. And then Gemma O’Brien hit the stage. A rock star in the design student community, she was like a breath of fresh air. I got her twitter handle wrong, though (as she politely informed me a couple of days later). Her real handle is @mrseaves.
  43. Just draw, says Roger Dean.Someone’s listening, Roger.#agideas #agideas2013
  44. “If you can defend a space you felt good. If you can’t, you feel bad.”Roger Dean #agideas #agideas2013
  45. “Where do my ideas come from? When I’m sitting calmly they come from over here.”Roger Dean #agideas #agideas2013
  46. Hope is critical to the creative process.Roger Dean #agideas #agideas2013
  47. Presenters clearly love it. They’re all on stage watching the summary of the three days #agideas #agideas2013
  48. Foyer Action

    But agIdeas isn’t just about sitting in an auditorium and listening to a collection of monologues. This is the conference that prides itself on having its speakers available for dialogue in the foyer. It turns out that they’re all up for a chat, too. Apparently they’re all into design.

  49. @nevillepage sharing his time with students at @agideas #agideas2013
  50. @Spin_TonyBrook checking out the bookstall in the foyer. #agideas
  51. Sharing her wisdom with conference guests in the foyer at #agideas @arabictype
  52. Alain Le Quernec shares his thoughts with a conference visitor in the foyer. #agideas #rockstars #greataccess
  53. @janvanschaik talks boganistas and possibility of design with guest in the foyer. #agideas #talkwiththestars #foyer
  54. Ian Anderson Designers Republic walks thru foyer #agideas2013 #agideasDoesn’t look that miserable.#CheerUpIan
  55. John Crawford checks out his work turned into fridge magnets. @agIdeas #agideas2013
  56. I’m at @agideas #agideas2013
  57. the end.